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Success Stories


Company Profile #1
This is a start-up IT consulting firm located west of Boston that offered IT services for small to medium sized companies on an outsource basis. It was a very young company with an owner and one part-time employee and a few clients. The owner had a vision of offering these services to satisfy existing demands in identified market segments in the Greater Boston area.

The Situation
On a sales call, the owner was advised to contact Alpha Associates for assistance in packaging and presenting his services more effectively. Initial discussions between an Alpha Associates consultant and the owner made clear that many basic issues had to be addressed and the most effective way to do this would be on a consulting basis over time to assist the owner in establishing and growing this business.

The Alpha Program
Because the start-up firm is so young and the owner had little business experience, all aspects of the service offering had to be addressed and market conditions studied and verified. The initial Alpha Program contained the following key elements:

  • Service definition and documentation.
  • Market research was conducted to identify and quantify companies within size and geographic parameters.
  • A telemarketing program was instituted to verify market conditions at targeted companies.
  • A pricing policy and fee structure was created and implemented.
  • A level #1 literature package was created for use in sales activities.
  • A sales presentation system was created along with appropriate materials.
    Structured relationship sales training was provided for the owner.
  • A marketing strategy was established to develop business and to define a structured program.
  • Weekly progress meetings were conducted to assist the owner in growing the business to meet established objectives.

During this seven year relationship with Alpha Associates, this business has grown to be one of the most successful regional providers of outsourced computer systems management services in the Greater Boston area. They now have 30-40 professional/technical employees, are housed in a 10,000 square foot office space, and have a very impressive client list. This is a profitable, growing business positioned for double-digit annual growth over the next 5-10 years.

Company Profile #2
This is a start-up company in the plastic card industry. It was founded by an industry leader, concentrating on the highly technical and discrete product applications of security, plastic card composition, and manufacturing lamination. These are today’s growth and profit opportunities in the plastic card industry.

The company maintains a small manufacturing and research and development facility and a select, highly skilled technical team to perform this work. The virtual structure of the company is reinforced by a network of highly specialized plastic card manufacturers for plastic card printing. Other network relationships also exist to provide services on an outsource basis.

The company markets their products and services on a global basis through direct and in-direct distribution.

The Situation
The founder wanted to establish a small but economically viable business concentrating only in those technical, growth areas. He had sold his previous plastic card business and had to build this new company from scratch. Alpha Associates was engaged to work with the new management team to design and document a product and service offering and assist management in developing and implementing a marketing strategy to meet management objectives of fast growth and profitability.

The Alpha Program
The founder was a long-term client of Alpha Associates and both parties were knowledgeable in the history, current conditions and trends of the plastic card industry. Together they were able to set up a viable business with the following elements:

  • Defined and documented, three-part product/service offering.
  • Appropriate pricing policies and fee schedules.
  • Selection and installation of PC-based MIS to address inventory, production and financial statement requirements.
  • Identification and definition of market focus for each element of the product/service line and a major prospect list for each market segment.
  • Establishment and implementation of a successful sales and service program.
  • Creation of a level #1 literature package and setup of a company website.

In less than two years the company has achieved critical mass and profitability. All product/service lines are operational with major customers in each. The virtual/OEM company structure has been successfully implemented, and the company is now in a program of managed growth for long-term success.