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Success Stories

Professional Sevices

Company Profile
This is a unique legal services firm located in Greater Boston, which specializes in the preparation of estate planning documents, such as wills and trusts, on an outsource basis for other law firms in Massachusetts. These documents are prepared by estate planning attorneys and provided to mostly smaller law firms where either estate planning is not an expertise or the firm has elected to specialize in another legal discipline. Services by this firm are offered only to other law firms, not to the public at large.

The Situation
A successful suburban Boston law firm’s managing partner was regularly being asked to assist other lawyers with estate planning and the preparation of documentation. The managing partner wondered whether or not there was enough demand for this type of service to establish a stand-alone business and provide this service to law firms. The firm retained Alpha Associates to assist in assessing this potential need, and if the need did exist, to help create and market this unique new service to law firms in Massachusetts.

The Alpha Program
After primary research with small law firms, large law firms and law schools in the Greater Boston area, we were encouraged that there was a need and level of demand for this type of service. Based on that research and the agreement of the managing partner, Alpha Associates created a program for the law firm with the following components:

  • New name and identity for legal services firm.
  • New literature package to document and promote the services.
  • Working documentation to conveniently provide services.
  • Advertising in the legal community.
  • A direct mail program targeting law firms.
  • Seminar to introduce Greater Boston attorneys to this new company.

After the initial start-up and introductory phase, an annual marketing program was budgeted and implemented to ensure proper exposure for this service in the legal community.

This firm is now in its 18th year of profitable operation and has serviced over 1,500 law firms in Massachusetts. This is a continuing engagement of Alpha Associates.