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Success Stories

High Tech

Company Profile
This is a 105 year-old New Jersey manufacturer of plastic cards for membership, loyalty and promotion programs. This company is a specialty printer that prints on plastic sheets, and completes lamination and die cutting steps to make individual plastic cards. It also involves high tech security features on those cards, such as holograms, laser encoding, computer chips, magnetics, and bar coding.

The Situation
The plastic card industry was undergoing rapid change due to economic conditions in the marketplace, resulting in overcapacity, consolidation, new technology applications and related market dynamics. The company needed to reposition itself competitively and institute a growth program to return to profitability.

The Alpha Program
This is a long-term Alpha engagement that had several phases over a 10-year period. Some of the major program elements during that time were:

  • Primary and secondary market research.
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Annual marketing plan.
  • New sales program.
  • Replacement of sales management.
  • New pricing structure.
  • New distribution channels.
  • New product development process.
  • New product introductions.
  • Marketing program implementation assistance.

During this 10-year engagement, there were many changes made in the organization structure and the marketing strategy of the company. At an appropriate time, Alpha Associates was able to successfully sell this company to a high tech software firm in Boston.