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Success Stories

Health Care

Company Profile
This is a non-profit, education and research organization in the health care industry offering quality improvement products and services. Medical and health care professionals manage the organization. It is a new organization that was incubated for three years by the leading provider of quality improvement services in the health care industry.

The Situation
The organization was having an annual partner retreat to discuss its impending independence and the need to establish an outreach program to market its fee-based events and solicit program funding from charitable foundations. They were specifically interested in starting a relationship sales training program for the senior partners in the firm to help them with this business development work.

The Alpha Program
The CEO and senior partners engaged Alpha Associates to participate in this annual partners retreat to discuss the marketing discipline, its applications in health care and also provide a session on relationship selling. In this initial 18-month assignment, the Alpha Associates program has included the following:

  • Development and documentation of a marketing strategy with senior partners.
  • Market documentation of target prospects.
  • Development and implementation of an annual marketing plan.
  • Creation and implementation of a relationship sales training program.
  • Installation of a business development process.
  • Installation of a formal proposal system.
  • Creation of a contact management system to track business development activities.
  • Weekly marketing/sales meetings.

A target sales program was instituted with the senior partners to ensure that they developed relationships with prominent organizations in all targeted markets.

This organization is now independently and successfully conducting national events, developing and introducing new products and programs and meeting revenue objectives. A conservative view would conclude that this organization is now on the road to success having achieved significant market penetration in a very brief period of time. This is a continuing Alpha Associates engagement.