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Success Stories

Environmental Services

Company Profile #1
This was a New England regional environmental services company with $38 million in annual revenue. The company provided a broad range of environmental services, including hazardous waste management, remediation, emergency response and analytical services. This is a capital-intensive business, where significant funding is required to meet growth and expansion of the business. At the time, the environmental services industry was very young, lacking the structure and definition of traditional industries.

The Situation
The environmental services company was growing rapidly and needed funding to fuel this growth. They had determined that they would do an initial public offering, using shareholders as a source of funding. Company management determined that they needed a structured annual marketing plan and market information that would document the structure, size and trends in this young environmental industry. Senior management decided to engage Alpha Associates to provide this needed element in their growth program.

The Alpha Program
This extensive five-year engagement for Alpha Associates involved the following initial program components, many of which would be ongoing throughout this engagement:

  • Primary and secondary market research to size and characterize the environmental industry.
  • On-site tours of all company facilities.
  • Depth interviews of all senior management personnel.
  • Implementation of a structured planning process for senior management in all divisions.
  • Production of the first annual marketing plan for the company and its refinement annually for the next four years.
  • Establishment of a marketing program to give the company needed exposure in the marketplace.
  • Establishment of a structured pricing system.
  • Development of a professionally staffed marketing department.
  • Creation and installation of a marketing management information system.

Throughout this five-year period, Alpha Associates consultants were involved in all major programs for the company, including acquisitions, new products and services, partnerships and alliances and the ongoing implementation of the marketing program at the company.

Today, after a series of acquisitions, this company, with annual revenues of $750 million, is the largest provider of hazardous waste services in North America. The company currently dominates the environmental services market in New England.

Company Profile #2
This is a used oil recycling company that was in the process of being converted/upgraded to a full-service environmental services company. These services included: Emergency Response, Remediation, Environmental Construction, Hazardous Waste Management, Environmental Consulting and Used Oil Recycling. The plan was to convert this company to a strong regional competitor in the environmental services industry in New England.

The Situation
Management had bootstrapped this upgrade effort growing the company from $1 million to $13 million in revenues during the first five years. At that point, their growth stalled and management felt they needed to have an outside firm study the situation and recommend ways to re-energize the company and put it back on a growth track. Alpha Associates had done small marketing consulting assignments for this company in its early stages and had history with the management at the largest environmental services company in the region. Alpha Associates was invited to conduct the study and make recommendations to management.

The Alpha Program
During this on and off eight-year assignment, Alpha Associates consultants completed the study, created a growth program and assisted management in implementing this program. The principal elements of the program included:

  • Target marketing program – specific focus on market segments and primary prospects.
  • Business Development Training – 23 operations personnel were trained to assume sales responsibilities in a relationship selling application.
  • Business Development System – a target sales program with assigned customers and prospects was established.
  • Account Management Program – account management procedures and software were incorporated into this function.
  • Management Information System – a custom MIS database and contact management system were created and implemented.
  • Proposal/Bid System – a formal proposal system was created and implemented.
  • Customer Service – this included pricing, administrative systems, tracking and record keeping.
  • Promotion Program – direct mail, literature, radio, publicity and advertising.

This program was created and launched during a 12-18 month period.

The company revenues increased from $13 million to $23 million in the first three years. They have since established themselves as a strong regional player in the environmental services industry in New England. This is a profitable company with $25-30 million in annual revenues.