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Success Stories

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Company Profile
This is a venture-based start-up company located in Pennsylvania providing plastic card embossing and thermal printing services for membership, loyalty and promotion programs. This young company had been in business for approximately one year.

The Situation
After one year of operation, the company had experienced very little success in spite of the experience and background of the senior manufacturing manager and senior sales manager, who were the founding partners. The venture capital firm felt that the company needed a structured program to properly introduce this start-up and its services to the marketplace. At the same time, it needed to be properly positioned to compete with existing suppliers of plastic card embossing and thermal printing services. The directors of the venture capital firm retained Alpha Associates to work with management in developing and introducing this program.

The Alpha Program
Because of the young age of the company and its small size, many basic marketing and general business needs had to be addressed during this fifteen-month engagement. The Alpha program included the following components:

  • A study of the end-user marketplace by application conducted together with company management.
  • Development of a marketing strategy to address OEM markets with senior management.
  • Development of a new pricing strategy and implementation of a new structured pricing approach.
  • Introduction of a structured sales program to develop relationships with major targeted prospects.
  • Expansion of production equipment from eight machines to sixty-four machines and a production schedule of seven days by three shifts.
  • Sales strategies and proposals to close major accounts.
  • Hands-on weekly implementation assistance in all business areas.

In the first year of the Alpha program, the company achieved sales of $3 million+ with pre-tax profit of 38%.

This very successful program resulted in a young but profitable company with an excellent OEM client base, positioned for double-digit annual growth over the next five to ten years.