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The Alpha Tool Kit

Founded in 1981 as an outsource supplier to provide marketing consulting services to corporate clients, Alpha Associates consultants have worked with over 150 companies in 20 states to help them compete in their markets. From Marketing Strategy and Planning to Market Research to Sales Training and beyond, we have had to modify existing marketing tools and create new ones to do our work. The repository at Alpha for these methods and techniques has come to be known as The Alpha Tool Kit.

This Tool Kit contains planning systems, business plan formats, strategy processes, product development systems, sales training seminars, promotional strategies, communications and contact programs, telemarketing systems, and many, many more tools to efficiently and effectively structure marketing work for maximum results. An Alpha consultant arrives with his tools sharpened, ready for the challenge and stays with the client to support the program through the necessary adjustments and additions to meet changing market conditions.

We have applied our craft in many industries and a wide variety of applications. Some of these are:

  • Business service firms
  • Professional service firms
  • Environmental service firms
  • Banks/Trust Companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • High tech companies
  • Distribution firms
  • Software firms
  • Health Care

We offer practical marketing solutions and programs to meet today's requirements in the marketplace. And we always show up with something special - The Alpha Tool Kit.