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Advisory Services

The value of consulting services is directly related to the consultant's ability to produce short-term results. Oddly, this is usually possible only if there is a long-term relationship in place. In order to be effective and have immediate impact, the consultant must know your industry, your business and you. This takes time.

Alpha consultants have been providing marketing consulting services since 1981. And a key to our success has been making the necessary investment with clients required to produce short-term successful results. Many of our engagements with existing clients involve addressing problems with ongoing marketing programs. We are able to do this effectively, because, in many instances, the original program was created and implemented by Alpha consultants.

A key element in the Alpha approach is providing foundation programs that stand the test of time. A properly defined and structured marketing program can result in renewed spirit and a new sense of management team dedication. If necessary, we can later provide advisory services required for the long-term success of your company.